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The Field Relief Agency of Taiwan... English
Yearly Aid
    Utility Assistance
    Support crematory to Odoun pov temple, Tum Poung temple, Tuol Makak temple, Kleng Por temple, Takung temple, Roung Krabao temple, Ongoi temple , Chub temple, Boeng Pram temple, Roahl Toel temple. Also support to drill 173 well and Chea Sim high school to rebuild classroom.
    Student Aid
    Support to the students as: Money to 9 poor students’ family. And support 35 monks the university fee and teacher salary of Chea Sim high school. Support 12,597 textbooks for 45 temple school.
    FRA Secondary and Vocational High School
    The building have inaugurated and has 633 students.
    Emergency Aid
    Add 7 new cases, and FRA support Milk powder 40 package, Transportation to hospital 1,445,000 Riel and 13,732,000Riel for life.
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Yearly Aid
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