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The Field Relief Agency of Taiwan... English
Yearly Aid
    Utility Assistance
    Support crematory to Tayek Temple,Kanseng Temple,O Anlouk Temple,Decho Village,Damnaksan Temple,Rung Roeung Temple,Kirisensok Temple,Lovea Temple,Tasda Temple,Kleang Beng Temple,Ocham bok Temple,Ochum Temple,Dangrun Temple,Phnom Muoy Roy Temple,Chouk Kasal Temple,Norkorpheas Temple,Kampingpuoy Temple,Chetdey Temple.Support shrine to Tasda Temple.Also support to drill 38 well, Damnaksan Elementary School to rebuild classroom.
    Student Aid
    Support to the students as: Money to 16 poor students’ family. And support 27 monks the university fee.
    FRA Secondary and Vocational High School
    The building have inaugurated and has 532 students.
    Emergency Aid
    Add 4 new cases, and FRA support rice 3825 kg, Milk powder 21 package, Transportation to hospital 2295000 Riel, Funeral to 1 family, The electric fee to 1 family, 1145 fish can, 158 vitamin, 452 breads.
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Yearly Aid
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